Temperature Scarf
Temperature Scarf
Temperature Scarf

Temperature Scarf

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Temperature Scarf is part of Temperature Textiles.

The vertical pink lines represent the predicted Surface Temperature Change in degrees Celsius of even years from 2000 until 2100. The orange surface indicates 0 – 4ºC. 

The diagram shows that the temperature might reach 4ºC by 2100 in case of the least ideal scenario (RCP 8.5) if no emission reduction is applied, according to Paris Climate Agreement. The data is based on the climate report of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

10% of the sales will be donated to Trees For All. The NGO will plant trees with the donated amount in The Netherlands and abroad to activily increase CO2 reduction.

Aubergine / Dark Red / Pink / Orange / White
w 22,5 x h 180 cm

Produced in The Netherlands

100% Merino Wool